What is Domain Name & Ranking Factor of Domain Name?

Do you need a domain name to run a website on the internet? The answer is a big no.

A URL or domain name is a web address of your website it is a simple way to access your web content on your browsers. If you want to run a website you have to purchase a web hosting server where your website content will be stored. No need to have a domain name you can open your website using your web server IP address into browser. But why people prefer to purchase a domain name with hosting? the Answer is because it is difficult for humans to remember strings of numbers. For example, when we save a mobile number on our mobile phone we give a name to it so we can easily identify who's number is this.

Ranking Factor of Domain Name:

There are some ranking boost in SERP if you optimize your domain name according to the following steps:
  • Domain Age: Search engines considers domain Age if your domain is older then a year then your domain will have a minor boost in SERP.
  • Keywords in Domain Name: In EMD update google has cleared that having a keyword in domain is no more a ranking factor but practically saying, having a keyword in domain name still a relevancy signal.
  • Keyword As First Word in Domain: If a domain name starts with a keyword has a little edge over those site who does not have.
  • Domain Registration Length: If you have registered your domain name for advance 5 years then search engines consider it as a legitimate website because illegitimate or spamming websites are barely used more then a year.
  • Domain History: Do not own a penalized domain because it will carry old negative history to the new owner. which might not for you.
  • CCTLD extension: Country code top level domain (.fr, .ca, .com.au, .co.uk) can help website to rank particular for that country. But will difficult to get it ranket globally.
  • SSL: Sites with Secured Socket Layer (SSL) has a minor ranking factor in Google search: Google
Finding the best domain name for your website will boost your ranking in SERP. If you still have confusion you can get practical SEO training in Delhi by Adzentrix institute of internet marketing.

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