What Google Offer of Free google services

What Google Offer of Free services


Google takes seriously the task of making our lives easier. In addition, it offers us a series of tools with which we can make the most of our smartphones in the most comfortable way. There are so many and so different that we could differentiate by sections the types of services that Google offers for free. In our Android guide, we have selected the ones that can offer you the most at first.


Google services for work

In this section, we can make use of

Google Documents, an online text editor in which we can edit and share any document wherever you are.

Google spreadsheets is that, a spreadsheet, but with the possibility of sharing it, making it public for editing one or several, and making use of it anywhere.

Google presentations, the closest thing to what you will know as “power point”. A program of very simple use to make and reproduce your presentations.

Google Drive, a safe “place” where you keep a copy of your most used files, documents, even application data.


To organizeGoogle also gives us the opportunity to become more organized. And have the most valuable content of our smartphones anywhere. Therefore, we will have at our disposal


Google Photos, which not only serves to organize our captures. Make albums automatically by dates or places. In addition to offering up to 15 GB of storage so that photos do not take up space on our device.

Google Contacts means that we are never afraid to change phone numbers by losing saved numbers, or having to manually pass them. Synchronize contacts with your Google account and these will be wherever you identify.

Google Calendar, the Google calendar so that nothing is forgotten, and to have it all written down. Notices, reminders, alarms, nothing will escape you.


Answers to questions

So we want a smart phone if we cannot ask anything, right? Having Google in the palm of your hand is an advantage. With the Google widget pre-installed we can ask talking to Google about anything. Alternatively, search and browse through your well-known browser application.


Google Chrome to search and browse through the well-known application of your browser

Google Maps That you want to know where something is or how to get there, the big “G” is there to help you instantly. Google does not abandon you wherever you are.

Google Translate, will make it where you find the language is not an obstacle for you.


Entertainment and fun

A Smartphone is for many synonymous with distraction. And it is like that, we have all been relieved at some time by a long wait. There are also those who use their Android phone as their multimedia entertainment center. For this we can enjoy a variety of applications.


Youtube. The platform for streaming video par excellence. Play your favorite videos, share them or upload your own.

Google Play Music puts a competent multimedia player in your hand. In addition to playing the music of your devices, you can access the latest hits of the moment. On the other hand, buy the latest album from your favorite artist.

Google Play Movies in the same way as with music, get the latest news in movies, TV shows or series.


These are the most outstanding services, but Google offers you a lot more. As you can see a whole world of possibilities with your Android device. Were you aware of everything you were missing? Surely, you do not regret having bought an Android smartphone. Moreover, Google offer many project like, Alphabet loon. If you have not yet unknown it, Then visit the link. When you finish reading this post, you will be convinced.